AJ Hackett Bungy - Ledge Bungy

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AJ Hackett Bungy - Ledge Bungy

Situated 400m above Queenstown, this is our unique Freestyle Bungy. The full body harness allows you to run, jump, twist, flip and spin off the ledge. Choose from the jump menu!

Top of Skyline Gondola - Gondola will cost you another $35 (Gondola Ticket is not included in the price for the Bungy)

Essential Info

Hours of Operation:
From 10am

Getting Here:
Top of Skyline Gondola - Gondola will cost you another $35 (Gondola Ticket is not included in the price for the Bungy)

You need to bring:
Warm clothing

Min/max weights 35kg/107kg

  • Tuesday, 13 February 2018
    "Research and feedback - Trip Advisor Rating 4.5"

    Loved the fact we did this over the town ... The view of Queenstown CBD below is awesome .... another fear ticked off on the bucket list. The jump is the smallest of all the bungys in Queensotwn, but definately one not to be underr estimated - you still need the courage to leap. Talking with AJ Hackett Bungy they explained it as a thrill product positioned more as a 'do it your way bungy jump'.

    What we found makes this product good value

    1. Its a harness jump - all the other bungys are head first. Flexible

    2. Very close to town - this is the perfect instagram selfie 400m above the CBD, and you can do this activity in less than an hour if you are looking to cram lots into your day.

    3. I liked the vibe from the staff, music and plenty of laughs, fantastic way to kick-start the evening

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