Beach time fun, image courtesy Tourism Bay of PlentyMount Maunganui, otherwise known as 'the Mount', is one of New Zealand's best loved holiday destinations, and especially popular with surfers. This beautiful Bay of Plenty resort takes its name from the prominent hill, known to Maori as Mauao, which towers above the coastline. Mount Maunganui has two magnificent beaches - oceanside for the surfers and harbourside for more sheltered swimming. 

If you're fit, be sure to climb to the top of Mount Maunganui itself (232m). The walk is steep and takes about two hours but you'll be rewarded with stunning views along the coast. At one time an almost impregnable Maori fortress, Mount Maunganui still bears signs of excavations made to create the fortifications. Easier tracks traverse the base, but if you fancy something more sedate, you can always relax in the hot pools at the base of the mount. There is plenty of scope for recreation with beaches, parks, a golf course, fishing, harbour cruises, boating and surfing, while flightseeing tours depart from Tauranga airport, south of the town. 

Mount Maunganui Visitor Information Centre
Salisbury Avenue
Mount Maunganui

Geographic Location

Situated on the long peninsula at the south-eastern end of Tauranga




Summer average: 24°C
Winter average: 14.5°C

Average rainfall