Lake Tekapo Travel Guide

Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo © Christchurch & Canterbury TourismClean air, snow-capped mountains and a turquoise lake are the key features of the alpine settlement of Lake Tekapo.  Backed by the Southern Alps, the township shares its name with the lake, which owes its unique colour to finely ground particles of rock suspended in the water. This small town services the local sheep farming and power station industries. It accesses the magnificent Mt Cook National Park and offers scenic flights over the mountain. 

Attractions include the charming Church of the Good Shepherd, a tiny lakeside church built of stone and oak in 1935, an outdoor ice skating rink overlooking the lake and skiing at the Two Thumb Range, along with trout fishing, hiking, horse trekking, cycling and climbing. Fly-fishers gather during summer and the town's restaurants make the most of the salmon found in its rivers and streams. There is an international observatory located on nearby Mt John. 

Geographic Location

Located on the southern shore of Lake Tekapo, 43km northwest of Fairlie 




Summer average: 20°C
Winter Average: 7°C

Average Rainfall