Midway between Haast and Fox Glacier, Lake Paringa is a picturesque spot with good fishing opportunities. Until the 1950s, this was the last stop on the West Coast.

In season, there is salmon and brown trout and the shallow margins near the lake outlet suit harling or fishing with light lures. There are tours of the salmon farm, and a stop at Lake Paringa is a good chance to stock up on some of the local delicacies - salmon, whitebait, blue cod and crayfish.

There are also some good birdwatching opportunities at Lake Paringa. The crested grebe breeds in floating nests of the lake. There are also scaups and shovelers - the fastest flying waterbirds in the country. You'll also catch grey and mallard ducks, black swans and black shags. In the bush you'll come across other beauties such as the kaka, the yellow crowned parakeet and the kakariki. Head to the Moeraki Valley and Windbag Valley to see the karearea - the bush falcon.