Kerikeri Travel Guide

Kerikeri Mission Station 1821Kerikeri is New Zealand's oldest town and lies on the banks of the Kerikeri River, in the Kerikeri Basin. Formerly a mission post established in 1819 by pioneer missionary Reverend Samuel Marsden, Kerikeri town has a rich Maori and European history.

Today, Kerikeri forms the heart of a fertile fruit growing area and possesses a thriving arts and crafts industry. It contains several landmark buildings, including New Zealand's oldest surviving European building. Other attractions are the Rainbow Falls, bushwalks, sailing, golf, tennis, bowls, horse riding and flightseeing. 

Geographic Location

Located on the southwest of the head of the Kerikeri Inlet




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Summer average
17 - 24°C

Winter average
10 - 16°C

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