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  • Visit the historic Fyffe cottage and see it’s foundations made of whalebone.
  • Keen to visit a seal colony and do a little tramping? The Kaikoura Peninsula walkway is a three hour return trip and you'll see a seal colony, a seabird colony and limestone formations. Gorgeous!
  • Why do whales love Kaikoura? It's all because of a two kilometre deep canyon that runs down the coast. It creates a unique place for marine wildlife and creates unusual currents that sustain a food chain of rich marine material that the whales love.
  • The Kaikoura Seafest is held on the first Saturday of October each year with tickets going on sale some 6 months earlier. Enjoy great food, refreshments and live entertainment in a friendly atmosphere. Sample some traditional dishes or try something surprisingly new.

Looking for a backpackers or a hostel? Jasons has Kaikoura backpackers & hostel accommodation available including dormitories and bunkrooms with communal kitchen and bathroom facilities; or your own private room with an ensuite.