FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Reservations

Can I book online?

Yes. Jasons and Holiday Guide also offer you the opportunity to make bookings and reservations online as well as via phone and email.

Is there a booking fee? If so, why?

There is a booking fee of $2.50 NZD for all bookings; this fee covers the cost of the transaction.

How secure is Jasons and Holiday Guide?

All Jasons Travel Channels use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption Technology and Comodoo High Assurance to ensure the security of your order, enquiry or booking information. All bookings made by credit card through Jasons.co.nz are processed via the ANZ eGate™ payment service for secure credit card payments.

How do I cancel or change a booking?

Please contact Holiday Guide or Jasons directly to change or cancel a booking made through Holiday Guide or Jasons.

0800 JASONS (0800 527667)

If calling from overseas: +64 9 524 3389

Please note that there will be a $25 NZD cancellation fee from Jasons. Please reference your confirmation email for individual property cancellation policies as other charges may apply.

Will Holiday Guide/Jasons charge my credit/debit card?

Yes, your booking will be paid in full at the time of the booking.

What currency are prices displayed in?

All prices are displayed in the currency of the respective country.

Is there a minimum age requirement for booking?

Yes, 18 years of age.

Can I make special requests when I book?

Yes, there is a special request box where you can submit your requests. Please note that not all special requests can be met. Please ring the accommodation provider if you have any questions.

Check-In and Stay

Will I need to supply my credit card details upon check-in?

Some, but not all properties may require credit card details. It is advisable to ring in advance.

What happens if I do not turn up at my booked accommodation?

The accommodation supplier will generally charge you in full for your accommodation according to their booking policies (as displayed in your confirmation email). We recommend that you advise the accommodation supplier as soon as possible. However, in some cases if enough notice is given the accommodation supplier may waive or reduce charges, especially if they are able to rebook the room, or there are other circumstances (e.g. a death in the family).

What's included in the price?

Unless specifically stated in the room or property description the price displayed includes the room(s) booked for the number of guests you indicate. Charges for additional items (such as high chairs, cots, meals etc) are additional. Please contact the accommodation supplier directly to book these types of items/services.

Can I check-in early / check-out late?

In most cases you will need to contact the accommodation supplier directly to make arrangements. If the accommodation supplier is not able to accommodate your request, in most cases they will be able to look after your luggage until you are able to check-in.

What happens if I check-in later than advised on my reservation?

Normally this is not a problem. However if you do not arrive until late at night then this may prove problematic because many owner operated properties close in the late evening. Your accommodation is kept available for you only until reception closes. If you arrive later than this then a cancellation/no-show charge may apply. We recommend you contact the property ASAP if you are going to be arriving later than you originally stated on your booking.


What if the type or quality of accommodation you are given is different to what you booked?

It is important to notify the manager of the property as soon as possible. This gives the manager a fair chance of rectifying the situation to your satisfaction. If the accommodation offered is substantially different to what you originally booked or the quality is not reasonable for the price paid then do not accept the accommodation and insist on receiving what you have booked.

The property was very noisy – am I entitled to a refund?

It is important to notify the manager of the property as soon as possible if there is any problem that affects your stay. This gives the manager a fair chance of rectifying the situation to your satisfaction. If noise continues to be a problem then insist that the manager contacts local noise control.

Can the accommodation supplier cancel my booking?

In exceptional circumstances the accommodation supplier may need to cancel your reservation (e.g. the room that you have booked is flooded and no other rooms are available). In such cases the accommodation supplier is required to help you find alternative accommodation of a similar price and quality. Please let us know if the operator does not help you with this. The operator is also required to explain to us at Holiday Guide/Jasons the circumstances of the cancellation to ensure that it does not happen again.

I have a complaint to make about the property we booked – who is the best person to complain to?

Please complain to the manager of the property that you have booked as soon as possible. This gives the manager a fair chance of rectifying the situation to your satisfaction. If the property is unable to resolve the situation to your satisfaction then you can consider making a formal complaint in writing to one or more of the following:

  • Holiday Guide/Jasons - Please note that we generally can only help in correcting incorrect or misleading information on the property’s listing. However, we may take action against accommodation suppliers that consistently abuse our booking system.
  • Motel Association of New Zealand – Only available for accommodation suppliers that are members of this organisation.
  • Hospitality Association of New Zealand – Only available for accommodation suppliers that are members of this organisation.

If you make a complaint, the accommodation supplier is generally asked for their side of the story. Complaints generally cannot be anonymous, however you can request your personal details be kept private.

I have a general question about the motel/hotel I have booked.

Please contact the accommodation supplier directly – they will be able to answer your question much better than we can. The contact details for the property that you have booked are shown on your booking confirmation. Alternatively you can look at the accommodation suppliers listing on Holiday Guide.

About Us

Who owns Holiday Guide and Jasons?

Jasons and Holiday Guide are owned 100% by Jasons (2013) Ltd.

Will you link to our website?

We will normally link to non New Zealand accommodation websites with a Google page rank of 3+, in return for a link back. Please see here for full details.

Will you link to our online booking / reservation system?

Please contact us to talk.

Will you link to our front desk reservation system (PMS)?

Please contact us to talk.

Accommodation Suppliers / Jasons.co.nz or Holiday Guide Members

The Basics of Listing with Jasons and/or Holiday Guide

How much does it cost to list on Jasons?

To find out more about how to advertise on Jasons please contact us at sales@jasons.com

How much does it cost to list on Holiday Guide?

Current or new Jasons customers receive a listing in Holiday Guide free of charge, however, if you wish to only list with Holiday Guide, please contact us at sales@jasons.com.

What are my Log In details?

Please check out Password Recovery to be sent an email reminder of your password (this requires the email address you used to create your MyJasons account).

If you do not remember what email address you used or do not have a MyJasons login, then please contact us on 0800 JASONS.

If your property is not listed on Holiday Guide then please create a new listing.

Can I change my Log In details?

Yes - once you have logged in successfully go to MyJasons.

My listing is suspended and I want it re-enabled.

Please contact us at 0800 JASONS.

How many listings can I have?

Each property in New Zealand is allowed a single listing on Jasons and a single listing on Holiday Guide. You may also buy special features like premium ranking and hot deals.

Can I use my Holiday Guide or Jasons listing as my own website?

Yes - and many properties do. Just get your internet domain name to point to your Holiday Guide or Jasons listing URL.

If I use your online booking service what websites will my property be displayed on?

If you use our commission-free online booking service then customers can book via:

The numbers of reservations that you get will depend on a number of factors including:

  • How well you have setup your listing on Holiday Guide and Jasons - it pays to spend some time getting the text and photos right.
  • Whether you advertise with Jasons.
  • Whether you link to your online booking service from your own website.
  • How often you update your room availability.
  • How far in advance you allow customers to book (we recommend making rooms available at least 6-12 months in advance).
  • How competitive your room pricing is plays a huge factor in your bookings. Many suppliers make the mistake of discounting their rates on last minute websites which encourages your customers not to book with you directly or on our sites.
  • Whether you make it clear in your marketing to your customers that they can book online.

Do I have to set up my own listing on Holiday Guide?

Yes - you are responsible for making sure your listing is as complete as possible, and includes some decent descriptions and photos of your property. The more you can make your listing stand out from your competition then the more bookings you likely receive.

Do I have to set up my own listing on Jasons?

No, we provide a full service when you list with Jasons, however you will be responsible for supplying certain aspects of your listing, such as photos.