Great Barrier Getaway Great Barrier Island is the largest island in the Hauraki Gulf, with a mountainous bush-covered interior and fringed with a coastline of beautiful bays and beaches. Although the Great Barrier Island is readily accessible from Auckland, the 600 residents of Great Barrier lead a lifestyle far removed from their city neighbours. There is no mains electricity, shops are few and the roads are fairly rough. In compensation, the scenery is magnificent, the island peaceful and the lifestyle laidback. There are some excellent hiking tracks and beautiful beaches on Great Barrier Island. Of historical interest are the kauri dams, which were used in the past to move huge kauri logs down from the hills.

The main settlement on Great Barrier Island is Tryphena, which is also the ferry arrival point; Great Barrier is just a two-hour ferry ride from Auckland. Alternatively, a flight to the island will take just 30 minutes. Flights and ferry trips run all year round. Once on Great Barrier, rental cars are available for exploring the island, and transfer services offer shuttles to and from your accommodation.

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