Cape Reinga Travel Guide

The Lighthouse at Cape Reinga, NorthlandOn picture postcard days at Cape Reinga, the vivid green of the Tasman Sea and the cobalt blue of the Pacific Ocean make a striking scene. On wild days, these titanic forces create 10m waves over the submerged Columbia Bank that divides the two oceans. Contrary to popular belief, Cape Reinga is not the northernmost point of New Zealand; that honour belongs to Surville Cliffs, 30km east of Cape Reinga.

The Cape Reinga area is sacred to Maori. Upon death, it is said their spirits descend the pohutukawa tree here to reach the ocean, rise at Three Kings Islands on the horizon, and bid a final farewell to Aotearoa before returning to their ancestral land. Nearby Tapotupotu Bay (Spirits Bay) is a Department of Conservation campsite made in heaven, right on the edge of a pristine sandy cove.

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